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Four More Years Have Got Behind Us and this site has not been redone until now even though we have a real clown car of Repug presidential candidates. As of the middle of July 2015 the site is just now being redone. For the moment see another blogspot with a similar attitude at Republican Clown Car Blogspot. Their leading image:

2016 GOP Presidential Clown Car

Here's the first one stolen from Townhall.com. We are happy to note that we used the clown metaphor all that time ago when we wrote "Here is a view of the choices among the clowns that led the Repugs to choose Chief Clown Mittens" (as we dubbed Mitt Romney) for their candidate 2012.

The site will contain some serious analysis and discussion but on the view that a good satire can somethimes accomplish more than a sober analysis it will be heavily weighted towards satirical pieces and links. The major exception to this is materials that rebut some absurd claims made by the Repugs.

The site has lain dormant while the clowns sorted out the shape of their circus. It is very hard to parody the real winning clown, Donald Drumpf since he is really pretty much a paroday of himself. But now he has chosen his straight man clown Mike Pence. So we will start again.

Every clown needs a straightman:

But maybe the Donald can fix this one:

A Nice Poem: The Donald Makes A Choice by Peter Dreir


From the original 2012 site: Nearly everyone agrees that American politics has become seriously polarized in the last few years. The producer of this site believes that this is largely a result of the rise of a new extremist right-wing within the Republican Party, what can properly be called "the Repugs" as they are Republicans whose views and actions are truly repugnant to many of us in this country. Unfortunately it is not posssible to distinguish between "repugs" and responsible Republicans in the context of the 2012 presidential race. Although some people, especially a leading repug, Newton Gingrich, argued in the past that Willard (Mitt) Romney represents a "moderate" Republican view his contemporary rhetoric surely puts him in the Repug mode. 

You can substitute the names for the 2016 cycle yourself.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Or maybe this (from http://republicanclowncar.blogspot.com/) should be first in line, given the crazy line-up among Repugs.

Here are the 32!!!! clowns (bet you can't name them without looking)

Like this one?

This one is a bit corny, but...

Guess he is showing how someone becomes a captive, not a hero.

New Yorker Declares "Bar Cannot Be Lowered" Since Donald Entered Rac

Is it all about SEX for the Repugs?

The More things change the more they stay the same:

Barry Goldwater photo and quote about when 'preachers' take over Republican Party

gingrich with suicide vest



Caricature of four candidates

The Four Red Brick Roads Shared by the Four Horsemen riding toward the 2012 Repug convention where Mittens Romney knocked the others off by claiming to agree with their most repugnant ideas:

Health Care: Demands to Repeal Affordale Health Care Act

Invade the Privacy of the Bedroom, the Dr.'s Office and the Hospital:
Abortion, Equal Marriage and, yes, even Contraception

Protect the Most Wealthy


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